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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bangalore’s Prime Locations catering to Residential Properties and Lands

This article edifies the fact about those hot locations which are most preferred when it comes to residential property, land and housing needs. The article gives details about few locations in Bangalore which have been rendering the best connectivity to the workplace and also has offered the quality of life in terms of socialization and entertainment. Further the article also talks about the land and its appreciated price in various locations within the city.

The investments in the real estate sector were going on a mere slow down but with improving economic condition and the emotional strength has controlled the sentiment of the investors. The investments in land and property both will see an increase in the time to come and this revival could happen in the coming quarter of 2014.

Residential Homes (Apartments / Flats) in Bangalore

There are numerous locations in Bangalore which are upcoming and emerging as centers for growth and are also the promising hubs providing better living in terms of residential housing. The hunt for a housing apartment is indeed a most challenging task for any individual and with the uprising prices it has become all the more difficult to crack an affordable deal. A dream house such that is affordable which burns a lesser hole into the pocket and also is well connected to the workplace and other useful amenities and facilities on a daily basis.


The massive expansion is visible in the areas like Electronic City, Hebbal, Marathahalli and Whitefield etc. Each of these emerging centers is discussed below: 

Hebbal, Bangalore

Hebbal once known for its serene beauty but now with the advancement and the development of infrastructure a lot of IT pathways and pharmaceutical set ups have made this region of Bangalore attract a lot of prospective and potential buyers when it comes to buy residential apartments. The area was better known for the serpentine maze of flyovers that networks the Outer Ring Road and Bellary Road. Various business have made this area a better location for trading as the culture of the city is work and live, it also has better road connectivity to some of the major business routes.

Hebbal Residential Properties

The residential property rates of a multistory apartment are around Rupees 5,896 per sq. ft. Hebbal host a lot of IT companies like Astra Zeneca, Integra Micro Software etc. This has changed the semi-urban neighborhoods in the vicinity of Hebbal and Kempapura into an expansive modern housing and apartment hub. Therefore it’s one of the reasons it has attracted a lot of real estate developers with various luxury residential projects catering to many big investors and potential Buyers.

Hebbal has the two major IT hallways one being the Manyata Embassy Park and the other is the Kirloskar Park which has employed a lot of IT professionals making it one of the reasons to be densely populated. Many other projects are in a pipeline under the residential housing segment.

Whitefield, Bangalore

While choosing a residential location it is really necessary that one should look for a location which is near to the workplace this will also save time and add on to the work efficiency. The Whitefield location of Bangalore was a Euro-Asian settlement. Whitefield has the major IT Hub in the name of ITPL which is a shelter for the world’s major IT and ITES Companies. The area remained quite dormant during the 2000s. The residential property rates of a multi-story apartment in Whitefield range around Rupees 4,861 per sq. ft.
Whitefield Properties Bangalore

Whereas the residential property price in ITPL is Rupees 4,020 per sq. ft. The location is known for its lush greenery and well aligned trees. It has been an opportunity for various developers to come up with projects offering big spacious and world class residential apartments with 2BHK and 3BHK spacious setting. Various developers have come up with communities promising better lifestyle with Swimming pools, Club house, Children’s play area etc.

Marathahalli, Bangalore

Marathahalli has been the lonely village during the 1990s until the IT boom; it has been emerged as a self-sufficient area. Marathahalli is closely connected to area like Hal Airport Road, Whitefield, Sarjapur Road and Electronic City. As IT expansion is at a peak these areas are a house of various IT offices like Eco space at the Outer Ring Road, Accenture, Intel and Wipro at Sarjapur Road. Marathahalli has all the basic facilities in terms of cloth stores, shopping malls, super markets and other shops of basic necessity.

Marathahalli Properties Bangalore

The residential property rates of a multistory apartments is around Rupees 4,502 per sq. ft. in Marathahalli whereas the residential property prices are a little high on the Outer Ring Road costing nearly Rupees 5,672 per sq. ft. Various developers have come up with residential projects both under the category of low-cost housing and luxury housing offering 2BHK and 3BHK spacious setups. Catering to the young crowd and professionals of the IT industry these communities provide an array of amenities like Club house, Swimming pool, Recreation area for children, Parks and Playgrounds ensuring better living standard.

Electronic City, Bangalore

Electronic city has also been the hub for the emerging IT strength as it caters to the numerous big IT names of Wipro and Infosys. It is the house of major IT and ITES players like BOSCH, Toyota, Honda, BMW, Volkswagen BHEL, Tech Mahindra etc. Due to these major players residing there the residential strength is likely to increase in the time to come. Several developers have come up with various affordable residential communities rendering to the basic needs of people with the combination of 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments.

Electronic city Properties Bangalore

The upcoming gated community in this area will render various amenities like club house, swimming pool and play grounds etc. The average residential property rate of a multistory apartment is around Rupees 5,672 per sq. ft. Electronic city is still emerging and in the coming time it will see more development in terms of shopping spaces, entertainment hubs and other social as well as hot spots.

LANDS (Plots / Sites) in BANGALORE

The IT Hub of the country has a potential supply of land when it comes to IT infrastructure, commercial and retail set-ups. The land prices have been stagnate in the past but with the improving economic conditions the real estate developers have also made hopes that the land price may increase during the other half of the year. When it comes to invest in the land various areas are thought about.

Bangalore Properties

The latter part of the article talks about the locations like Devannahalli, Mysore Road and Electronic City inclusive of Anekal and Chandrapura.

Devanahalli Lands (Plots / Sites)

Properties in Devanahalli

Devanahalli is an excellent upcoming city in the near future. With the expansion of KIDB industrial area which has big players like Aero Space, Software Park and Hardware Park along with many Financial Units in the pipeline. As the Bangalore International Airport is set up in Devanahalli the area is developing at a rapid speed. These developments on the other hand have increased the demand for industrial land. Various developers have come up with an idea of creating this place as new Bangalore in the Northern region as this area enjoys the nearness to the international airport and also the Hyderabad Highway. The land prices in this area range close to Rupees 550 per sq. ft. to Rupees 600 per sq. ft.

Mysore Road Lands (Plots / Sites)

Mysore Road Properties Bangalore

Mysore Road is a state highway which connects the city of Mysore and Bangalore. The highway stretches around 149 Km. The highway possess a better connectivity through the towns of Ramanagara, Channapatna, Maddur, Mandya and Srirangapatna etc. The road passes over Kaveri River and is a dual carriageway. The Mysore Road satellite Bus Station also renders better connectivity to the areas like K.R Puram, Majestic, and Airport etc. The land price in this area ranges around Rupees 699 per sq. ft. to Rupees 720 per sq. ft. 

Electronic City Lands (Plots / Sites)

Properties in Electronic City

It is the largest technology hub of Bangalore located at the outskirts. It is the house of about 300 companies and also has a large workforce and employee capacity. The location is flourishing as people are ready to invest in new ventures. The newly constructed and elevated expressway has played a great role in managing the traffic and attempts to lessen the congestion. An amalgamation of all these factors has made electronic city one of the most preferred locations in Bangalore. The approximate value of land here in this area ranges to about Rupees 500 per sq. ft. to Rupees 700 per sq. ft. The land prices in the nearby area namely Anekal and Chandrapura vary around Rupees 500 per sq. ft. to Rupees 600 per sq. ft.

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