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Thursday, 11 September 2014

Buying a House clearly know your needs and wants

Purchasing a house is indeed a very wearisome task it takes a lot of planning and assessment before jumping to a conclusion. For an individual it is mandatory to take care of all the concerns before buying a house. One should look closely to a wider perspective of needs and wants before making a decision to buy a 2 BHK Apartments or a 3 BHK Apartments strictly depending to the requirement of the family respectively catering the needed edge to all the family members.

Buying a house is probably one of the most important decisions you will make in life. Therefore, it pays to keep a few practical things in mind before you buy the house of your dreams. We spoke to a few home owners to learn from their experience:

Ranking Significances: These days a prevalent trend of ranking is prevailing among the recent buyers they are planning to rank the houses according to their needs. They are also ranking their needs and importance in order to crack the most affordable deal. This discussion about ranking is done by sitting down with the entire family and making a final list of all such requirements.

The thin line between Need and Want: There is a huge difference between the meaning of needs and wants needs are basically a set of things which are a part of the basic necessity and wants are those set of things which are other than those necessary things. In the real estate terms a need can be fulfilled with a 2 BHK also but for instance for a family of 4 a 2 BHK might be absolutely fine the family of four comprises of parents their two children and also two pairs of visiting grandparents who have turns over to take of their grandchildren. The term want in the real estate is 3 BHK for the same combination of family.

These days many of the young home purchasers are lost in the stream of their demands of buying big and spacious houses which are just more than enough for their nuclear family with a set of visiting guest. Now a days the potential investors are looking for much spacious localities with an array of amenities like big swimming pool, gym, ample walking, running space and much more. These days in order to avail so much the consumers are even ready to pay a hefty amount of Rs. 60 Lakhs.

It is an ideal decision to grow with the family: The new generation now believes in growing together with the family and is now a day a new trend in the town many of the new couples are coming up with solutions to fit the needed housing setting in their budget. Conceptualizing and customizing is the new trend in the town. Many of the recent have clubbed the two types of residential property in order to drag their requirements to their budgets. As per some recent cases now the probable buyers have made a shift to approximately a 1250 sq. ft. space from 2000 sq. ft. to fit all their needs and requirements to fall in their well-planned budget.

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  1. Purchasing flats in Bangalore now a days is nor easy. Around like more than 100 builders are building apartment as per their strength . Also they trying to make the apartment very stylish , good looking, eye catchy. Their also you will get amenities like swimming pool , children playing area, lands scape, gym etc. But these thing are written in new paper, add , pamphlet only. When ever you are visiting a builder you can't trust them easily. You should verify perfectly about these builder online and offline. Never try to buy a flat blindly . Cause your money is your strength .