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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bathroom-an important factor in buying a house: Bangalore Property News


The significance of the bathroom in recent times has increased in terms of the amount of space dedicated to it and what it offers in the form of rejuvenation and indulgence. Consumers today perceive the bathroom as a personal haven for relaxation while transforming daily rituals of bathing and cleansing into a sensational and invigorating experience.

Grohe India, a wholly owned subsidiary of GROHE AG- the global market leader for sanitary products and systems, is constantly working towards understanding their customer. This helps the company offer customized bathroom solutions that spell impeccable quality. Accordingly, a consumer survey was conducted in May-June 2013 to engage end consumers in a meaningful product led dialogue. As per this survey, over 85% respondents considered the bathroom to be one of the most important consideration while deciding on a house. The in house study was conducted in 6 cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune.

The customer profile of the target group for this survey focused on Sec A and B individuals over 30 years of age while concentrating on people who have recently bought a house or are shortlisting a property. Chennai and Delhi based homeowners were found to be the most particular about their bathroom with functionality and aesthetics being given top priority by 45% and 39% respondents respectively. A shower was judged as being integral to the bathroom as a symbol of personal space as compared to just another me-too zone.

Shower quality was found to be equally critical while deciding on a property, as evident from as high as 47% of respondents, with most willing to spend money on brand, design and quality. South India had as high as 80% respondents going by the brands being used in projects they were investing in, followed by Mumbai and Pune. 55% respondents believed that a German brand reflects a commitment to quality and premiumness. More than 2/3rd respondents collectively rated Brand and Service as the key drivers while extending recommendation on a project.

More than 57% property owners clearly indicated their desire to have the World’s No. 1 bath fitting brand that brings with it the most innovative and wholesome shower experience. Renu Misra, MD, Grohe India elucidated, “People who enjoy higher disposable incomes today are well versed with international standards of quality and service when it comes to bathroom solutions. This has sharpened their desire for better products in their personal living space. With the bathroom being an extension of their high end lifestyle and sense of comfort, the bath fittings and sanitary needs of this consumer warrant a brand that is befitting of their status. A German brand like Grohe perfectly fits with the desired functionality, aesthetic value and design as well as service promise that people seek when it comes to bathroom solutions.”

Key Findings of the Report

• More than 85% of respondents consider the Bathroom to be the most important consideration while deciding on a house.
• Functionality and Aesthetics [Design] are on top when it comes to what a bathroom shall offer.
• For 1/3rd respondents, a Shower is what separates their “personal space” from “me-too” zones in the house.
• More than 20% respondents look forward to a German Shower brand in their bathroom.
• South India has as high as 80% respondents making their decisions for buying a property, on the basis of Brands being used by the developer, closely followed by Mumbai and Pune
• A commitment to quality and premiumness is what a German brand reflects. While Mumbai relates it more to Quality, Bangalore relates it more to Premiumness
• There is a clear desire for a home to have World’s No. 1 bath fitting brand that brings with it the most innovative and wholesome shower experience.


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