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Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Eco-friendly wallpapers for your home - Bangalore Property News VNUBY4HFV24G

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Conservation of environment reads like a fashion statement these days or so it seems. We celebrate the Earth Hour one Saturday every year to let ourselves believe we have done our duty toward saving the planet. We definitely need to be a little more involved in the environment saving project.

Charity begins at home they say, so why not decorate our homes in a way that does not threaten but protect the ecological system from collapsing? By simply choosing the right fabric, non-toxic paints and other decor articles that are eco-friendly and encourage use of recycled materials, we can make a difference by going organic in home decor.

Interior designer Meenakshi Agrawal tells us how to design our homes while keeping our eco-consciousness intact. She gives out useful tips on selecting wooden furnishing, wallpapers, flooring and centrepieces for an overall classy home decor while promoting the mantra of going green as well. She talks to us about a unique eco-friendly wall decor concept, 'DecorCoat' that she with her partner has introduced in the market as a viable alternative to paints and wallpapers for home renovation.

Wallpaper designs and patterns

There are diverse options when it comes to choosing wallpapers. Designs like classic retro prints, metallic geometrics, botanical prints and those that mimic the look of natural landscapes are among the popular trends this season, informs our expert. When asked how DecorCoat is different from and advantageous than ordinary wall decor methods, Meenakshi explains, "Normal wallpapers have VOC i.e. Volatile Organic Compounds. These are chemicals that we smell when wallpapers are applied; it adds to the indoor air pollution and directly affects our health. Organic wall decor on the other hand is low on VOC. These are made up of grass cloth and cotton fiber that do not have a negative impact on the environment. DecorCoat is a substitute of wallpapers made up of cotton cellulose, paper products, cotton thread and other recycled materials. This is later processed by techniques of Canadian technology.

Going the green way
In the choice of wood, Meenakshi recommends bamboo-based furniture. She explains, "Bamboo is not only an organic product, it is strong, firm and stays durable for years. Termite-free and suited to all kinds of climate/weather conditions; it is also easy on the pocket vis-a-vis other expensive options in wooden decor." Wrought iron is another pick that adds elegance to an ordinary home setup. You do not need to hassle about chipping; fading or scratching with wrought iron furniture. It is competent in withstanding harsh weather changes.

Affordability issues are further solved when you decide to incorporate creative Paper Mache, cane-baskets and terracotta cushion covers stitched in heavy embroidery and thread work to your living space. Speaking about the sustainability of eco-friendly decor items, Meenakshi convinces, "The maintenance cost with eco-friendly options is far less than the initial cost put in by the client. The durability extends sometimes beyond four-five years."

Synthetic products not only demand huge sum of money, the toxicity in them pollute the home's atmosphere. Add green plants within the premise of your balcony, set up a small garden if you take to planting and you'll see what blessing that is to the environment.

Maintaining eco-friendly wallpapers

Eco-friendly wallpapers are extremely easy to maintain and safe for children too. Toxic fumes that arise from paints can have harmful affects. DecorCoat for instance is a three-dimensional textured decorative material for interior walls and form a protective layer as a base that is completely odourless. It is an integration of technology, aesthetics and natural properties product. These wallpapers are anti-mold and anti-fungal and therefore can easily stand the unpredictable monsoon months. With a touch of varnish, these wallpapers retain the polished finish and glaze for years.

Other environmental benefits
-Quick and easy to apply
-No joints
-Hides uneven, old and faded walls
-Partial repair possible
-Crack resistant and long-lasting
-Antistatic - does not attract dust and dirt
-Additional insulation of heat, moisture and sound
-Permeable (allows walls to breathe)
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